What’s Sazyu?

Sazyu is an easy-to-use always-on polling service. At Sazyu, we set daily questions in a wide range of topics. Our members can tailor which questions they see by choosing topics of interest to them, providing a very tailored service. Our questions are the basis of Sazyu and can be:

  • Pertinent questions set by Sazyu in relation to happenings or events topical at the current time;
  • Questions of a more commercial nature (always identified as commercial) that earn us our corn;
  • Questions put forward by our members and selected by Sazyu for general publication.

Peoples Poll or Opinion Poll?

What’s the difference?

A peoples poll gains results by providing the public with a quick, easy and virtually instant method of asking a question, receiving an answer upon the simple premise of ‘one person, one vote’ system and thereafter tabulating these real time results for public consumption

whereas an opinion poll operates through a selected group of people from which a limited sample number are asked to give an opinion which are then optimised by ‘weighting’ and ‘calculation’ to provide a result.

The Benefits of Membership

As Sazyu gathers momentum, we want our members to remain engaged and to use the Sazyu platform in a way that best fits each individuals purpose; but most of all, we want our members to keep voicing their opinions be it upon politics, sport or the price of apples!

In order to reward this continuing assistance in making opinions count, Sazyu is formulating a Reward Points system for every member and every vote given that periodically will enable regular users to enter free members prize draws as a reward for their ongoing loyalty.

For Sazyu, this also provides the opportunity to ensure members profiles are factual and up to date.