Please find below a number of ‘frequently asked questions’ and our replies to better assist in understanding the workings and purpose of Sazyu.

Should you have a question (or questions) not covered here, please put it or them to us, we will do our very best to review and add to this FAQ listing as quickly as possible.


A Peoples Poll relies strictly upon the exact number of pollsters providing their individual responses to any asked question and such responses form the entire basis of the published result with no additional formula applied, whereas an Opinion Poll functions upon a selected group of members of the public (usually circa 500,000 persons) who are profiled such that a target number of the selected group (normally
no more than 2000 people in UK Opinion Polls) are invited to take part within a given Opinion Poll. The responses the Pollsters receive from the selected group are then treated with a mathematical formula (called ‘weighting’) to represent a much larger percentage of the population based upon statistical data they hold. The resulting answers being deemed as representative of the populace.

The profiling Sazyu requires is considered very basic and non-specific which does not allow any individual members personal information to be held or used. The basic requirement of age group, gender, location and work style does however permit Sazyu to analyse all responses for the purpose of creating regional and other demographics that are essential should specific answers be required to support any formal proposal / question or request that Sazyu or its members would wish to put forward to any powers that be!

The simple answer is no. We do not rely upon any calculative or mathematical formula to reach a result as we rely solely upon factual numbers of pollsters taking part in a poll, be it one or ten million individual responses.

For many years, Opinion Polls have been considered the best and most accurate method of gauging public opinion based upon the available methods of collecting individual opinions without the huge expense and time delays in sending the entire populace a question by post or knocking upon everyone’s front door or attempting to make contact by telephone. Hence the utilisation of select groups and statistical
weighting by a mathematical formula to gain results, which mostly prove to be accurate within reason.
However, with the availability of modern technologies and the internet available to virtually all in the UK, be it by mobile data, WiFi or fixed broadband, Sazyu utilises the premise of this availability along with the majority of people wanting to express their opinions upon a wide range of subjects (not just politics) and the readiness of the majority to respond quickly by use of mobile phone applications.
Sazyu is therefore able to instigate a Peoples Poll from campaign start to finalised campaign result in less time than most Opinion Polls require to initiate a campaign plan.

With the advent of the Peoples Poll being so new, it is very much an unknown factor at this time.

Absolutely not! For Sazyu to remain neutral and unbiased in obtaining factual opinion from all members, Sazyu will remain unconnected to any organisation or structure that may have any influence upon the manner and method in which questions and answer options are constructed, issued, collected, collated, aggregated to ensure all responses remain absolutely factual to those providing their responses.

Sazyu is a Peoples Poll but it also incorporates abilities to provide voting and rating capabilities. Both voting and rating will be deployed as the need arises.

The Sazyu definition of the differences are as follows:
  • A Poll is a ballot to ascertain general opinion that may or may not be acted upon;
  • A vote is a ballot wherein the voters are exercising their right to expect action to be undertaken;
  • Rating is where the populace is invited to provide a numerical value(s) (normally between 1 and 10) to a given event, item or person.

Sazyu works upon the basis of generating operating revenues from two primary sources, the first being non-intrusive on-line advertising within the company website and mobile applications with the second being the acceptance of ‘paid-for’ commercial commissions to undertake market research upon acceptable product sets within the Sazyu market reach.

Sazyu is a trading name of Soccer8r Ltd, a UK corporate based in Brighton East Sussex. Soccer8r Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of MyR8R Group (MyR8R Ltd) also based in Brighton. East Sussex and serves as a holding company for the company investors.

Sazyu reward points are a method used by Sazyu to provide a benefit to all of the members as a thank you for continuing to provide us with the needed responses, as an incentive to members to continue to use the Sazyu service and also as an encouragement to members to maintain their profiles and keep them up to date!
Sazyu reward points are issued for every poll entered and posted (1 reward point per posting) and further reward points are issued for every submitted question that is published (2 reward points per question / answer sets)
Upon a frequent and periodic basis, Sazyu will provide either cash or product prizes available to Sazyu members entering the draw by way of exchanging reward points for each entry with the usual exchange being 10 reward points per entry (the number of reward points may change from time to time dependent upon the prize being offered but this will be notified prior to the draw being started).
All winners profiles will be checked for correct details with any inaccuracy possibly causing the prize to be withheld and a new draw taking place.